This is the whole documentation for for ${Ella}!

To setup the bot, invite it! This is obvius, but just if your new to Discord. While inviting it, make sure it has Administrator permissions. This bot IS NOT A SCAM, or RAIDING bot. We will get verified as soon as we can, but till then, we need you to invite it to make it faster. So after you invited it with the Admin perms, go to a channel where the bot can send messages in, and embeds. Type ++help ! This will send you the whole list of commands, with lots of pages! To navigate throught pages, use arows under the message! Navigate to the "Settings" page, and run the commands. Set the bot up, just like you want it to be!

Need support in any way? No worries! We have a small server, with developers being active ALL the time! This way, anyone who needs help will get it ASAP! Go to the support page to find out more about all support options.