${Ella} is a multi-purpose bot, just like the milion of other ones. It has a lot of commands,
pretty much all you can think of, or at least all the developers (me) can. I've started
working on it at the end of summer of the 2020, as a practice project to get me into programming,
but then it became a bit more than a practice. I've got addicted to it and started working on it
for more than 5 hours a day at a time. Then, I've decided I wanted to share it. Now its with hundreds
of thousands of people, and hopfully the servers as well. The work on it has slowed down a bit, because
Discord.js (The library the bot is functioning on) has updated, and multiple bugs are apearing and require
fixing, which is exactly what we're doing. Theres then also school, if you didn't knew, I am still a kid
with my personal life
. I've got wayy less time than I had, and I can't really do anything about it.
This website is made for this projcet to serve as an infromational base, and to let people know about it
You can invite it throught multiple links on the main page.

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