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Why ${Ella}?.

We provide you the best features in Discord!
97.9% Online 🚀

Our uptime is 24/7! We are almost always up, and if we are not, for example doing maintance, you can find infromation about that in our support server! (You can also see the uptime in the uptime section at the button of the page)

Easy to Use 💻

Very easy to use! Just simple plain commands that can do lots of features! No need to go and look at the documentation to see how to set up settings, and all thats! Its just the help command is all you need.

Trusted ✅

We are in hundreds of servers, big and small. All of them are awesome, including the users! ${Ella} is with 180k+ users, and with 160 servers. Why won't you become one of them? We're waiting on you!

All in one ✔️

An all in one bot meaning the bot has almost all features you can have on Discord! This will help you reduce the amount of bots in your server a lot! If you have lots of bots in your server, ${Ella} can get rid of at least 2!

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